Pet Paws Nail Trimmer

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Take the distress out of nail clipping for us with The Pet Paws Nail Trimmer. This grinder, especially designed for pets, quickly and painlessly shortens our nails, which is essential for good health and maintenance. If our nails grow too long, they can affect the way we walk, making it uncomfortable and if left too long, can cause us painful joint problems as the way we walk changes to compensate for the length of our nails. (Have a look at your dogs nails, if they touch the floor, they are too long!) With the trimmer, we can avoid this happening and be much happier. We might need a bit of help getting used to it if we've not used one before (take a look on You Tube for videos on desensitising your dog to a dremel/nail grinder) 

Item Type: Nail File
Quantity: 1* Pets Nail Trimmer + 3* Replaceable Filing Wheels
Material: PLASTIC
Size: 175*23 mm
Model Number: Pet Paws Nail Trimmer 
Brand Name: YKS
Voltage: None
Powered by: 2 x AA batteries (Not included)
Color: yellow & white