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These simple, adjustable wheels are a great starting point if you have a newly disabled dog, something we have personal experience of.  When Marley first lost the use of his back legs, we weren't sure if he would take to a wheelchair or not. We found bespoke wheels (there wasn't another choice then) very expensive considering we didn't know if they would work or not and wish we had had access to these at the time. These rehabilitation wheels are affordable so you can see if a set of wheels are the right option for your dog, without spending a small fortune.  Each and every dog is different and will adapt differently to injuries/disabilities, make sure patience and praise is used when introducing your dog to any new equipment.  The wheels are made of aluminium and stainless steel. If your dog is particularly active/boisterous/adventurous/strong, we would suggest that these wheels are a beginner set but you may wish to upgrade to more robust wheels at  a later date. Please take time to measure your dog accurately and see the size guidelines.  


Wheelchair Width Range: (17-20cm / 6.7-7.9inch) 
Wheelchair Height Range(18.5-25cm/ 7.30-9.84Inch) 
Wheelchair Lenghth Range(35-38/13.8-15.0inch)
Wheelchair Width Range: (19-22cm / 7.5-8.7inch) 
Wheelchair Height Range(24-34.5cm/ 9.45-13.6Inch) 
Wheelchair Lenghth Range(42-45/16.5-17.7inch)
Wheelchair Width Range: (20-23cm / 7.9-9.1inch) 
Wheelchair Height Range(32-41.5cm/ 12.60-16.34nch) 
Wheelchair Lenghth Range(46-49/18.1-19.3inch)



Item Type: Disability Equipment
Brand Name: BOBO
Material: Stainless Steel
SKU: CW-05-7001